January 7, 2013

HAppy NEw year!

I have heard that phrase about 1000 times over the last week. But It does remind me that it is 2013- the year that things are going to happen. This is going to be the year that I will be here for the whole calender year, It is the year that I can really make a difference in thailand. I have faith that something big is going to happen over the course of this next year. This last year has gone by wicked fast and I am a little afraid of the speed. But on the other hand I have learned so much and grown so much. My new companion is very smart and he really gets me to think and use my head. The area is becoming more familiar but we are still on the search for new investigators. We started our 40 day fast yesterday, which is a fast from all things that direct our attention away from the work. This will help us to become more effective tools in the lords hands. I am excited.
This last week has been yet another humbling experience. We have talked with more people than I have ever talked to. It still has not produced the fruit. But we have faith that something good will happen because of it. On wed we got caught up in a mistake. They told elder cox that he needed to go down to bangkok to renew his visa and so we went down the night before and went to the office in the city in the morning only to find out that they needed the other elder cox. But we were able to hear some more inspiring words from our mission president about his vision for this next year and I can tell you that it is big. I have faith that he has been called of god to direct the work here and that we are going to accomplish more than ever in this next year. I am so excited.
I love you all and hope that this year is another good one. I am proud to call you my family.
Elder Harley
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