December 31, 2012

I am still laughing at kales poem. That brightened my day up. Tell him that I give him props for that one. I am so happy that you liked the gifts that I sent. I hope that you use up these last few days of the break to your advantage. The snow sounds wonderful, but I think I can hold out. I am learning and experiencing so much right now and its making me so much more grateful for the things that I had before. This was a very different christmas season than I have ever experienced, but it is definitely a memorable one. on christmas eve we had no appointments so we street contacted and guess what happened… we got rejected! person after person after person. My companion got really down and we talked it through. He finally got enough confidence to keep going and we finished out the night with a smile. Why did we smile you ask? It was because we went home knowing that we gave those people the opportunity to accept the savior whos birthday we celebrate. What a wonderful thing it was. We went and saw the monkeys on christmas. The baby ones are the best. The rest of the week goes as follows- rejection. Nothing really worked out for us. everyone went home for the new year and no one wanted to meet. So we got really good at talking to alot of people. Even though we didnt see alot of the fruits of our labors, we feel that we planted alot of seeds that we or someone else will reap. We have hope for the future and have faith that good things will happen. I already was able to see blessings that were not directly related but told me that the lord cares. We had zone training in bangkok on saturday. I found out that day and sisters pas daughter were getting baptized right before. These are the 2 people we were teaching and preparing to be babtized before I left don muang. I was able to see them and got to speak about the holy ghost. It felt really good seeing all those people that I knew in don muang and will miss all of them dearly.
I know that christ lives and through his merciful plan, we can have what the father has. We can be what the father is. I love you all and to all a good night.

Elder Harley

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