December 17, 2012

Dear Family Merry christmas! I wont send an email next week since its christmas time,

It sounds like your week was good and everyone is having good times. The snow report kind of shakes me up a little bit but I think I can get through it. I am excited for kayla and her basketball skills. I cant believe jake got his call! send him my congrats. And tell taylor I got his letter but I didnt send one back cause he got all sicky. Today all I have been doing is packing and writing letters because both my companion and I are out of here. They are going to white wash this area. I kind of figured I was leaving yesterday, I am going to miss this place. it went by wicked fast and alot of memories are packed in that blur. I pray that the people that I helped will continue to increase there faith in the savior and embrace the opportunity to return to their father in heaven.
This past week we had a baptism for mickey, sister pas son. He was ready before his mom was. I remember one week we were teaching sister pa about the sabbath because she wasnt coming and she told us about how she didnt have enough money to come and it would mean her kids would not eat. Then mickey piped in and said ” mom you just dont have enough faith to go to church.” I was stunned at his boldness. his sister now wants to get baptized so I hope that the new elders that come will take care of her.
this last friday and saturday was the christmas program for all of bangkok. I was lucky enough to be a part of it and sing. It was a play about a member family that invites a cripled man for christmas dinner and they explain about the real meaning of christmas. In the end you find out that this guy had saved the wife seven years earlier from a car and left him crippled. The thing that stuck out to me was that they explained the meaning of the candy canes and the star-The sheepherds and the wisemen. 2 completely different groups of people, one being the poorest of the poor and the other the richest of the rich came to find the savior. Everyone can come unto him and take part of his grace and mercy. After the last show we went all tangled and sent lanterns in the air because we couldnt do it when the thai people did it last month. It was magical.
It was a good week and I am ready to have a christmas experience unlike any that I have ever before experienced. I will call about 9 in the morning of christmas here so it will be about 7 pm there on christmas eve. but check at 6 just in case cause I might be getting on at 8 in the morning instead.
I love you all and will speak with you next week.
Elder Harley
By the way can you send an email to my companion next week. he hasnt gotten a letter from home since the first week I was with him. thanks I think he would like that.
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