December 10, 2012

Hello my beloved family,

Its nice weather today in beautiful thailand and I cant complain. I ran out of food this morning so Im pretty hungry. Oh whats that around the corner, its a wonderful plate of food for 30 baht. hmm hunger gone.
This past week was filled with so much. I dont really know what to write though so I will keep it short. We are working really hard with the new converts because I am realizing how much they need support. We are helping them all have a goal to go to the temple which is the real goal. I felt really good yesterday after we taught a new investigator named day. He is a referel from the brother yut and he is way awesome. He is 20 and looks about micahs age. He reminds me of the gnome. He probably weighs less than micah. He said he would get baptized so I will let you know how it goes.
This last week I have been struggling with making sure that I am doing all I can and trying to feel that I am doing my duty. I had been praying just to know that I am doing my job and the lord is pleased. And as we prepared to pass the sacrament, I looked back and saw brother duun and his wife in his fresh new suit that someone gave him, sister pa and her family and then saw sister pim give a talk and a good feeling hit. Even though I make mistakes and have many inefficiencies in mortality, through the grace of the savior I have been able to be a servant in his hands. It gave me peace and gave me hope to keep going. I only have a little time.
I love you all so much and am thankful everyday that I have the blessings that I have.
Elder Harley
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