December 3, 2012

Dear Family,

It was a very eventful week and lots of stuff went down. It is still hot, I dont think it will ever change, but I am getting used to it.
This week I had the best birthday, I helped 2 people recieve their babtism. Sister pat and sister pa. Sister pat is duuns wife and he has the priesthood so he baptized her. It was one of the greatest days of my mission. Sister pa also was baptized. Both of them came about from miracles and it was another testimony to me that I am not in charge, I am just the servant in the vineyard. After we went and ate lunch at an average easaan restaurant and ate together it was nice.
I am so great full for the blessings that the lord has given me at this time. We had zone conference monday and were told it would be 8 hours long. We went with the thought that we were going to do some sort of finding activity and be jammed with more knowledge. But we showed up and can you guess what we did… we went bowling! it was the presidents christmas to us. We did have some learning as we are learning about finding and we are shifting gears from going from house to house to talking to everyone that we see and meet. We are going to follow christs example and talk to them in their streets and hills and houses and synagogues and start sifting. We are going to where the people are. The lord is hastening his work and time is running out.
We went and ate at a super nice hotel in bangkok after that. It was alot different than the street food that I am used to.
I am so happy and greatful for the birth of the savior. I hope that this christmas season we will remember christ in everything that we do. I hope we never forget that through his grace we can be perfected in him and have a sure place in the kingdom of god.
Elder Harley
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