Nov 25, 2012

HAPPY Thankgiving everyone,

And how much thanks we truly owe to the lord. The blessings that we have received can not even be measured. As I have seen more of this world, I cant even describe the feelings of thanks that I feel everyday. We were lucky to go to a white people house for thanks giving. As I sat in their house I almost felt uncomfortable to be in there. I began to think about what I have at home and how much I have. Its incredible the amount of blessings we have received. The members here work so hard and are willing to give up everything so that they can partake of the wonderful gift of eternal life. I had a sacred experience on sunday when our investigator sister pa wanted to come to church. Usually she gets a ride because she doesnt have money enough to get to church. But this week the vehicle was full. She called us in distress of how she is going to get to church. We knew that this would be a trial of her faith. We promised her the blessings of sacrificing to come to church. She came and afterwards we taught her and asked her what she did to get to church. She couldnt sell yesterday because it rained all day so she didnt have money to come. So she sold recycled trash for 40 baht so she could come to church. When she got to church she realized that she didnt have enough to get back so one of the members took her home. I cant tell you the amount of faith that she has. We have so much to be thankful for. My hope is that we remember where our blessings really come from.
We were able to visit one of the most famous temples in thailand last monday so I sent some pictures. I tried to get in free cause thai people get in free, but they have apparently seen too many missionaries before to fall for that one.
Sister pat duuns wife passed her interview this last saturday so she has a date next saturday. she has showed so much faith. quitting her job so that she wouldnt break the sabbath.
I am so happy that everyone is healthy and happy and having lots of fun in utah. I love you all.
Elder Harley
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