November 18, 2012

DEAR family,

Things out in the east are becoming more and more normal. I ate a super hot pepper at my branch presidents house with our food. Let me tell you that you have never experienced the kind of heat that is packed in this little red devils. Its so wonderful to see all the happy people around me. Its wonderful to work with a branch that I never imagined I would help. Its a wonderful time to be a missionary and I am greatful for the opportunity to serve. I finished the book of mormon in thai yesterday and I now have a testimony of this miraculous book in 2 languages. After reading moronis impressive last speech inviting all to come unto the savior and embrace his lasting sacrifice and example, I knelt down and prayed and the answer was that I already know its true in english so of course its true in thai. It was a good experience that will have a lasting effect.
Other than that, my week has been filled with helping this branch. We are stuggling to find new investigators, so we are really focusing in on helping the members become converted. We are focusing on reading the book of mormon. Its interesting to see the huge difference between those that are reading the book of mormon and those that are not. It really is a make it or break it kind of thing. I believe that if we can regularly read the book of mormon, than are testimony will never be shaken.
I love my companion. He is so funny and is teaching me so much. more specifically about faith and trusting in the lords purposes. I have been too stressed out about when things dont go my way the last few weeks. And after a long talk with my companion and after receiving my own personal revelation, I have realized that I need to trust more in the lord and not in myself. By doing this, I am happier and more importantly the lord can accomplish HIS purposes through me.
I hope that every one is happy. I am so excited for ashton and his ged, I will say one thing and that is college next. Kayla keep killin it on the court, I challenge you to a one on one in 1 year and 2 months. be there. Micah I am so happy that you are experiencing scout campouts that coincidentally never work out how they plan, but they leave a lasting memory. Eva have fun with your swimming. And mom and dad, I ate tom yum gay or what ever its called in english and it was extra delicious.
Love Elder Harley.
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