November 4, 2012


I must say that It is really hot where I am sitting. This place doesnt have air conditioning, just a bunch of annoying fans.  It hasnt rained for quite a while- about 3 days. Its pretty nice but the weather is blistering. My companions bike tire exploded so we have been doubling up for the past few days. Its been an adventure. Its really funny so see thailands version of halloween. pretty much only church members know what it is and they dont really know what it is. Thats cool that you are teaching english mom. now you know what I do every tuesday. Its good times. I think the hardest part is just to forget your own feelings and just let people laugh at your mistakes because they WILL notice them. And if people come over and make thai food have his wife make you ตามบักฮุง she will know what it is.
This week has been a patience week as we dont really have many investigators that are really progessing. 2 of the families we are teaching are just not acting as we want them two and its kind of sad. I wish that they would just look to the many wonderful things that they will recieve if they would just act. One of my favorite scriptures is mosiah 2:41. Its gives an outline of what we will recieve when we keep the commandments- which is everything.
Although they are not progressing very fast, the family that I want to progress, The family that gives me so much joy when I teach them is duun and pat. Duun was interviewed and recieved the a-priesthood on sunday. When they both came to church in their sunday best, I couldnt help but think about what things lie in store if they both continue down this path. Sister pats faith is growing everytime that we meet and she knows that this is the best thing. They are both on their way to something great and I am so excited. Good things here and will keep coming if we do whats right. Amen.
Im sorry that I dont write everyone, I dont have that much time. I love you all anyways
Elder Harley
PS. I sent a package home but dont expect it for a while. Transfers is this thursday but I dont expect any changes.
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