November 11

Dear Family,

Christmas came early this year! It was transfers and I already got my package. I loved it all. I am going to save some of it so I have something for christmas. Nothing changed this last transfer, I am still with the wonderful elder wilamas for another transfer. The weather is still super hot and I am really jealous about the snow. The humidity and heat just never leave! The people are still wonderful and the food is doing the same. I am so happy that kayla is doing good at basketball and expect her to be better than I am when I get home.
This past week we focused on working with the branch more. We taught alot of less actives and recent converts to help them prepare for the temple. Doon is doing good as ever. He passed the sacrament for the first time, which was monumental because it was the first time that the missionaries didnt have to do it all. He has a calling of recording the things that happen in the branch and is already magnifying his calling. I sat next to him yesterday as he wrote down everything that each speaker said, recording it all. It was a little over the top but he is ready to serve. His wife had to work yesterday but she showed her faith by going to the branch that meets at 11 so she could go to sacrament. She is showing so much faith and sacrifice. This is the thing that president senior talked about yesterday at a fireside for the bangkok north district. He came to pump everyone up because this district is so close to becoming a stake and it is going to take sacrifice to make that happen. The one thing that stood out to me was that even though this church is not looking for numbers, this church is in a race to increase the amount of people that qualify for eternal life. Why else would the lord change the missionary age? because time is running out and the world needs the gospel. More missionaries means more people that can hear the message of the gospel. Anyways sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven จบ. I love you all and pray for your health and happiness.
Elder Harley
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