October 29th

Dear mother and family,

You asked alot of questions but I will try my best to answer. The world I living is very hot I dont think snow is going to fall anytime soon. The people in thailand are sketchy. The whole plastic surgery isnt just girls, its guys trying to be girls.  Flooding hasnt happened big time but our neiborhood has been hit pretty hard a few times. I am proud of ashton and will give him advice- just follow the rules and you will pass.  there are no rules in thailand, no cops, no speed limits, no car inspections nothing. Im glad I live in america because when i see a scooter with a 6 person family and there dog I dont feel safe just being on my bike. Be grateful for rules ashton.
This week was wonderful. We had 2 baptisms on saturday, My man brother duun and sister dang. it was such an awesome experience. both of them were prepared by the lord and we are going to help them keep building their faith. Brother duuns wife also made a surprise visit to his babtism and came to church yesterday. She is progressing as well. I have faith that she will be baptized very soon. that will be the best day of my life when they both go to the temple. Well thailand is good times and I am ready for november tell taylor to write me.
Elder Harley
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