October 22


Well the weeks are coming faster and faster. I will close up my 9th month in a couple days. I thought we just talked about my 8th month? anyways, its good times. It hasn’t rained for about a week now so flooding might not be coming this year. We will see. I am so glad kale is in the mtc, but I am super bummed that taylor is not in good shape right now. I will for sure keep him in my prayers. Tell him to email me so I can talk to him. This week I got to eat cornbread. I requested it from the senior couple in the branch and it was so good. member thai food can only be choked down so many times. It was good too because before the meeting i was worried about translating cause I choked last time, so I prayed, and I got it done this week. It felt good. Tell ashton i say good luck and tell him to write me. Tell him to pray because I have found that is works close to 102% of the time.
This week we had zone training and we were told to report on our babtism goal for the month. We had a goal for 2, but before the meeting started, we only had 1 so we talked together me and elder wilamas and decided we would just change the date of one of our other daters that had a date for the 3rd. We felt confident and they asked if we had faith and of course we said yes. So then we talked to our investigator and told her she was now getting babtized on the 27 of october, she didnt even blink. We told her we would teach her almost every day so she would be ready and she accepted. It was a testimony that when we do all that we can, the lord will make all things possible. Even though she hasnt interviewed yet, I can say that I have done what I can to accomplish our goal. brother duun passed his interview so he is scheduled for next saturday as well.
It was another wonderful week in thailand and I am ready for the next one. Tell everyone that I love them and I will send a package probably next week. but dont expect it to be there till probably next year.
Love Elder Harley.
PS- send more pictures i like looking at them
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