October 8th

Dear Family,

Its sad to hear about our cousin Nick. I didnt know him that well but i met him a few times. Dont expect me to get engaged 11 months after I get home mom. Its not going to happen. I still need to live a little longer. I am excited to hear where jono is going especially since I live with him… My companion reminds me exactly of jono. He’s the Thai version of him. He looks kind of like him and all his mannerisms are exactly the same. So funny. I feel really left out cause I still havent seen conference. I did get the big news though.
Well this week my faith in fasting grew 100 fold. Last week I told you about duun and about how he had a plan to get married to his girlfriend. Well this past week he talked with her and her parents and they didnt want them to get married for quite a few reasons- she needed to finish school, she was to young, stuff like that. so he was really stressed about it and didnt know what to do. We talked about faith a bunch with him this week but still he didnt know what to do. We even sat down with both of them at one of the oldest members in thailands house. He told them about the blessing of the family and helped both of them see the importance. She understood and was willing but she still thought it was better for her to finish school. So we talked about fasting with him and he said he wanted to try it. So we all fasted this sunday for him to get an answer about what he should do. Well sunday morning as he came to church he told us that everything was good and they were getting married on monday! it was a complete miracle and I dont know what else could have helped him besides that power of god.
Anyways my branch president says Hi.
Elder Harley
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