October 1

Dear family,

I am proud to say that I am still alive in thailand. Yes I eat plenty.  Sometimes too much. It rained a bunch more this week and then the mesquitos came and they were ferocious. I got bit pretty bad but I just hope I dont get dange fever or something like that. Its cool though.  Im not dead. We do get frogs sometimes and they are squished all over the road when the rain comes.
Things are changing alot in the mission. We had transfers and my pa died… Elder Heslop is dead but he wrote me an email and we will meet again. He was a good missionary. With the death of this group, the mission completely changed. It is such a young mission, I am now in the upper 50 percent of the old missionaries now so this means I will probably be the older missionary for most of my mission. And that is just what happened! Elder oakeson is out of here. But dont get to excited cause its not a white person. I am now companions with another native, his name is elder wilamas. he is from the east side of thailand and came into the mission field a transfer after me. He is so awesome. He has so much faith and is always happy. We are both excited to make this area so much better. He also cleans really good so you dont have to worry about my house being gross.
Sister pim got babtized this weekend and she bore a wonderful testimony. She has a really stong testimony in trusting in god and she will be a blessing to this branch. Brother duun went to the babtism and told me he wanted to get babtized really bad now so boss. He brought a tie as well to the babtism. notice how he brought one, didnt wear one. I am glad that I can tie ties so I can share my talents with those that dont know where to begin. It was good. we taught him after and we had a plan to teach the law of chastity, and I was a little scared cause he lives with his girlfriend, and he doesnt have a job right now (edited…..)  we then proceeded forward and he understood completely, he is going to marry his girlfriend, who we had a chance to visit this last week. She is sort of interested in the book of mormon but we will see what happens. I love that guy. so boss.
Well I get to watch conference in two weeks so a week after you guys. I am so excited. I assume we get to watch it in english but I guess we will see.oh the magazine is called the liahona mom. wow good one.
Elder harley
PS- jono is going to the texas spanish speaking
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