September 24

Hello family,

Its weird seeing pictures of everyone cause all of you are just growing up and looking so much older. Except you mom, you look younger. I like seeing pictures of stuff that is going on so keep on sending them. The rain is just beginning, not stopping, I dont know if its going to flood here or not, everyone I talk to either says its going to flood for sure, worse than last year. Or they say that there is no way it will flood this year. Either they are being optimistic or pessimistic about the whole situation. Things in thailand are just wonderful. the weather is nice and hot and then BOOM rain. its fun when I am going home but when its the middle of the day its just annoying. Its pretty weird that I have been out for 8 months. I feel like I have sooo much more to learn. some of the members yesterday did tell me that I look like I am thai. I took it as a compliment. I also dont know whats going to happen this week cause its transfers already and I dont know if my comp is leaving or staying. I want to stay. things are really starting to pick up alittle in this area.
We had so much to do this last week. especially sunday. We are at the church alll daaay looong. We have meetings in the morning, then we help our investigators come in then we pass the sacrament and I had to translate when the senior missionary spoke. (my goodness that was hard). then we had to teach elders quorum and then we ate and taught some and then did home teaching and then talked to members and then took a 30 minute taxi ride home. aw. so long. The sisters have been in the hospital this week so we looked after their investigators as well. Its was a busy week but it keeps me going.
The best stuff we did this week was teaching duun. Last sunday we had a lesson on the word of wisdom in the investigator class and so when we sat down with him on tuesday He told us that he quit everything but smoking cigarettes. He felt so bad that he was still doing it and was trying so hard to quit. So we told him to go get all the cigarettes in his house and we will go trash them for you. We did and we have been going to his house almost everyday checking in on him. He is smoking less and less each day and he is reading more and more each day. He is blowing us away with everything that he is feeling and learning. It strengthened my testimony in the power of the spirit and also the book of mormon, because it for sure wasnt us that taught him all that stuff. He really likes church and he didnt smoke at all yesterday! well according to last night when we called Ill have to double check that today.
Sister pim was supposed to get babtized this last saturday but she got really sick so we moved it to next saturday.
Sister pa came to church this week after we talked her into it. She sells stuff so she saw the good weather and didnt think she could pass it up. but she came and she shared an experience last week how it rained all saturday so she couldnt sell anything so she didnt think she could go to church, but then on sunday morning she just thought she better go. So she went and when she came home someone just gave her 1000 baht. We told her it was a blessing because of her faith and we hope she will build upon that. We taught her after church and I feel like we really taught her, not just a lesson. We have been struggling to change our plans when someone is concerned with something else because we just feel like we need to share. but when we taught her we really listened and helped her with what she needed and that was a witness that the bom is true. I felt really good after and then this morning we went over to her house to help her make necklaces. She told us she sacrificed to come to church so we told her we would pick up the slack.
So much is happening and its so hard!!! but its happy times.
Elder harley
PS- keep me updated on the couzins and people getting married and stuff. it would be nice to get some cigar cookies you know the peppridge farm long skinny things. ya those are good. music I need as much mormon tabernacle choir as possible cause that all we can listen to. and more batteries cause they dont last long. specifically if you could heigh to kolob and well just the classics. some of the pump up ones.
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