September 17

Dear family,

Well this week was so good and I just learn more a more every week. This week I learned more about what rain does in thailand- flood. The draining system is not up to the american standard so it gets pretty wet when it comes down hard. I also learned that I am glad that I bought cheap shirts cause I came here and I can get them custom fit to my body for like 40 baht. I learned that I shouldnt always trust member food cause I dont always know what in it. But the most important thing I learned this week is that the spirit usually does not manifest itself until after we just do our duty. the lord works different than we do.
Let me explain. I told you last week that the last few weeks we have been talking to everyone we just talk but we havent seen much success. So about a week ago I went on a split with the 6’6″ greenie in my district named elder tirrell. As we were leaving from a lesson with a less active in our branch we realized that we had about 2 hours of time before we needed to be somewhere. So we prayed after the lesson to know what we needed to do. So after that we started riding our bikes to go inviting in a neighborhood by a member. Before we left I just told Elder Terrell he can just stop whenever he wants and talk to whoever he wants if he feels the urge. So we start going and we passed by one guy and he almost stopped but we just kept going and then right at this pavilion park place he saw a guy walking and he just stopped and talked to him. So we talked to him and he was christian and so we went under the pavilion and talked a little more. He said he wanted to go to church but he wouldnt give us his number.(he never showed up to church) so after him we decided to talk to a guy sleeping on a bench and he didnt want anything to do with it but he told us that there was a christian family down the road. So we decided we would go check it out. Then right before we left I looked across this gross pond and on the other side I saw a guy skating. And I told Elder Terrell I want to talk to that guy. So we just went over and I asked if I could skate and he let me. He was surprised that a white person could speak thai and I told him why I was here. I got his number and his name which is duun. (this is a side note for ashton but he was wearing a blink 182 shirt) we left and I honestly was just happy that I got to ride a skate board for a little. So that brings us to tuesday when we had an appointment fall through and I decided to call some potentials. I called duun and He said we could go over. Well long story short, he has had so many experiences that has brought him to us. He is 26 and He talked about his teenage years and how stupid he was for the stuff he did. He used to not care about anything but now he wants to know stuff. We taught him twice and gave him a babtismal date. He also came to church yesterday. I feel like its going to be a bumpy road for him to get to his baptism cause he has some things to fix but the spirit can do all things. The spirit has manifested itself but we couldnt see it until after we examined our actions.
On a side note, pim #2 passed her interview so she is scheduled to receive the baptism next saturday. She has also had a long road that has lead her to this point. Satan has worked on her but she has prevailed.
It was a good week here in don muang so I hope that it was the same in utah.
Later skater, เอ็ลเดอร์ ฮำร์ลีย์
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