September 9

Dear ทุกคนที่กําลังอ่า่น,

To answer your question mother I am eating sweet guava as I type that I picked up on my way here. It hasnt been to bad of flooding lately. a couple weeks ago it go up to about the middle of my calves but thats it. This place was over a meter under water last year when the flood came so if it comes this year, who knows what will happen. The language is getting better and better, we get around. last week we got lost going to sports day so we had to find our way there. We were lost in the middle of bangkok. We got there… for the closing prayer. The branch is getting better little by little. It was kind of cool to see one of our visions come to pass this past week. We set a vision a few weeks ago that we just wanted to see a happy branch and people smiling and getting along. We just didnt feel love and support for the last few weeks. But as we worked really close with our branch president visiting members. DOING HOMETEACHING. and visiting some of the lesser actives, we experienced some success. I looked over the congregation this past sunday and I saw happy faces and smiling. It felt good. It is especially apparent with the singles. I feel that the young singles are the strength of this branch right now. They are going to be the future leaders of the church as thailand starts to change. We have been working really hard with one brother specifically. His name is brother Nad. He is 18 and hasnt been coming to church cause he has been working on sundays. But he broke his knee motorcycling a couple months ago and then broke his arm so he was out of work. The branch jumped on that and we started visiting him and getting him back to church. Well this past week he told the branch president that he started reading the book of mormon again and wants to prepare to get the melchezidek priesthood. I talked with him after church yesterday and he told me that if he didnt brake his arm than he wouldnt have come back to church and now he wants to stay. What a boss.
So we dont have to many investigators right now, but we got a revelation this week as we planned that we need to just take better care of the investigators that we have. We havnt been doing that to the best of our abilities lately and its telling the lord that we are not ready for new ones. Its really hard because we have been inviting and talking to so many people and nothing has come of it yet. But the ones that we do have are so good. All of them came to church this last week! 6 people. Sister pim who is about to join the rest of the young singles in a couple weeks. We have changed her date 3 times. No not because she isnt ready but because she is too ready. It went from october 20 to september 29 to sept 22. She is having trails though! I am so glad because her faith is actually being tested and she is gaining that strong testimony right now in order to be a wicked strong member in a couple weeks. The singles are so awesome. Sister pa and her 2 kids also came to church. She is slowly starting to build her faith and I hope that she will start to recognize the blessings she is receiving from starting to keep the lords commandments. She is to chill about the whole thing right now but I hope that the spirit will work with in her and she will begin nourishing her faith so she can partake of the fruits. She is expecting that her whole situation will change. Her family is living in very poor conditions right now and she needs to realize that the gospel will help her more than just temporally. We will keep praying.
Sister daay and brother new also came but they are not progressing very well right now so we will continue to work with them.
I am doing good. I am trying to recognize the blessings and the miracles that are happening all around. It is hard to see them at first. By the way dont make crepes with rice flour it doesnt work.
Later Elder Harley
PS- the pictures on d box are from the temple that is just down the street from our house. we pass by it almost every day. And if you want to know who pim is than she is in the picture with a ton of people the one with the purple thai shirt on. brother nad is the one with a cast.
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