August 27

Dear family,

I have learned more this week than I have learned in a long time. This branch is teaching me so much about how a branch can struggle when pride and contention enter in. The book of mormon is true. I know that if we follow its council than we will always be lead in the right path. The lord is giving me alot of blessings. I have also learned the importance of home teaching. I cant believe how much of a punk I was. Home teaching is the most simple way to strengthen a family. We as missionaries are responsible for a lot of families with brother yut. He is the funniest little fat man who just laughs all the time. He is so humble and ready to serve the lord. We have so many families because of the lack of priesthood holders in the ward. we have so many single women in the ward. This is the reason that thailand is still where it is at. The men are not being men and upholding their priesthood power, and it leaves homes without the priesthood. We visited one family and she is having some problems but we just went to visit and the branch president told us to be ready to give a blessing. We went there and she broke down. Her spirit was not where is should be. We assured her of gods love for her and brother yut was able to use his priestood for the first time. It was such a powerful experience. Another sister was also there at the same time and she asked us who her home teachers were and asked us to give her a blessing as well. It strengthened my testimony of the priesthood.
So this week we realized that we have alot of investigators but not many are really progressing. We are trying to help them choose the correct path but they are just not doing it. I had a really good talk with my district leader and I am really starting to catch the vision of finding those that are ready. The lord has prepared those that are ready to change and make sacrifices to read and go to church and I need to leave the ones that are not ready being for the time being. sister pim (the new one) is an excellent example of this. She is so ready and she is doing what we are asking her to do. The members are doing what they should do to help her learn. I am excited for her.
I am so excited to help thailand grow and help this brach be stronger. I am catching the vision for thailand and its making me so excited.
I love you and pray for you to do what the lord wants us to do.
Later Elder Harley
PS- i put pictures up. I dont have any from don muang yet. and it is completely different from where I came from. Its not as busy as bangapi. Its really hot though and it floods alot.
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