August 19, 2012

Dear family,

Last Thursday was transfers and remember that whole thing about how the mission was going to be very young in the near future? Well that prophecy has been brought to pass. I am now in don muang ( dont try to pronounce it cause its not spelled correct in english) I am still in bangkok and I am with my phii! which means I am with one of the missionaries that is about 6 weeks older than I am. Its going to be an adventure and we will see how this turns out. I am so excited. His name is elder Oakeson and he is from sanaquin utah and went to payson high school. He is so awesome and I am going to learn so much from him. Our language abilities are almost at the same level so its going to be a ride. The transition is very different because even though we meet in the biggest church in thailand, our branch is tiny. I am coming from a huge ward that didnt really rely on the missionaries much for support, to a tiny branch. The branch president is 29 years old and he works with us very close. We are really focusing on less actives and helping strengthen individuals. I am really excited to switch gears and focus on a different area of missionary work. I am starting to have to deal with more problems than just investigators not coming to church. I am really excited.
Well this weekend I met one of our investigators and her name is wait for it, sister pim number 2. Elder Oakeson taught her about 2 times before and just gave her a book of mormon to start reading. Didnt even talk about it at all. She was a referel and really good friends with one of the members. So on sunday we switch off with members and I went to teach her and elder oakeson went to branch council. It was our first meeting and we taught the restoration. We asked her if she had read the book of mormon, not really expecting alot and she was already at 1 nephi 7. Then we asked if she had questions about it and she said no because they got answered in church. Then we taught about the restoration and asked if she would read and pray and she told us she already read and received an answer… what? are you kidding me. it was almost to easy. The member in there started laughing because she believed everything already. Dont worry she still doesnt know joseph smith was a prophet, we got her on that one. She is way awesome and we gave her a baptismal date yesterday as well. So happy for her.
So I am still trying to figure out this area because it is so confusing but I think it will get better with time. I love you all and I cant say that I am jelous that all of you have to start school in a couple days. I am so excited for kale he is the last of our brother hood heading out to bear with patience his afflictions. But one day we will all meet again and how great will be our joy because of our large stature and great knowledge in the gospel. I love all of those that made me choose the choices that I chose. Kenny Taylor Kale and cant forget Zach… soon we will all be safe in the service of our heavenly father.
Love Elder Harley
PS.- I got the package and it was wonderful! I can blast motab and get away with it.
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