August 13, 2012

Dear family,

Happy asian mothers day mom! I got the news about kale and I am so pumped for him!!! I am so glad that he is making this decision right now to go and serve the lord. I am so excited for him. So this could be my last letter from bangapi before I move. I will find out if I am moving tomorrow but its pretty likely that I will be moving. I am going to miss all of the members here and all the people that I got to get to know.
Oh and by the way we had another baptism on saturday. Sister pim freaked out when she found out I was probably going to move and demanded that she got baptized this saturday. so we changed it and what an experience that was. Let me explain… So the other elders also had a baptism for sister sand at 3 and pim was at 5. So we got there a little early to fill the font and half way through, the water turned off so we had to use outside water for a little till we could fix the water inside. So we fixed it and then 15 minutes before we looked in the font and we couldnt see the bottom. It was the nastiest water. So the bishop just told us to go with it for that baptism. So that went good. Then after the first baptism, we had to empty the font and fill it in under an hour plus we had to teach a family of hard core budhists before sister pims babtism. So all the members pitched in and we bucketed it. but that wasnt even the cool part. I come out of teaching and an entire biker gang pulls up with harleys and custom made bikes for her baptism. Sister daws ( my thai mother according to her)  husband has a motorcycle shop and so he has a gang too and they all showed up. Sister pim knows all of them as well. It was so awesome. It was a good service and then afterwards we gave them all books of mormon and told them its better than motorcycles. Its was a very rewarding day and I received a lot of blessings.
Oh by the way, dad, brother egg saw your picture and says you look way buff and huge and he wants to be like you.
It was a good week and I am excited for what is to come.
And a little update on jack and family is that they couldnt come to the baptism or church because they were out of town for asian mothers day. It was really wierd cause my companion called home yesterday cause its mothers day where he is from.
Love Elder Harley.
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