August 6, 2012

Dearest family,

I have many things to report this week so I will start with the most important… We killed 3 mice in our house this week, well it was more like slaughter them with dictionaries, area books and my companions foot. it was a good kill. we cut them up and fried them…not. it was pretty intense. So today we went to safari world which is just down the street from us. It was so fun. We saw so many animals and we are in thailand so rules are so much more relaxed. at the elephant show they called me out of the audience and had an elephant “step on me” imagine a multiple ton animal over you and tell me how that would feel. It was cool. Then we saw a white tiger and I got to close to the ghetto fence so the tiger just got up on it. I almost had to go change my pants. It was way awesome and we got in way cheap cause we speak thai. Its way funny cause the thai prices are in thai numbers so white people dont understand that its 1/2 the price.
So other than those adventures, Jack came to church this week with his family: his wife and son. It was so awesome and I was so happy that they came. In the gospel principles class, they taught about tithing so that night when taught them, they had a bunch of questions. So we felt like we should just teach the law of tithing, and thats what we did. Jack told us he wanted to pay it before he got baptized but we assured him that it wasnt neccessary. He is so awesome. After we taught his wife made us somdam which is this thai food that is so good and it was impressive and delicious.
Sister pim is also doing so good. She is going to be interviewed this saturday and then get babtized the week after that…  3 days after I move. Its a bummer but I am so excited for her. Also didi is going to be interviewed this next week. She is the 13 year old whose parents are both members. There family is becoming stronger and stronger as they continue to have the feelings that they recieved when they were baptized. I am excited for her as well.
This week I am really trying to get better at teaching. I want to make sure I am speaking as clear as I possibly can. Its really hard and could really use your prayers. Thank you for all the blessings that have come because of your prayers already. I will continue to pray for you all to experience success where ever you are. Thank you for your love.
Love Elder Harley

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