July 30, 2012

Dear family again,

I have officially been a missionary for 6 months. 1/4 of my mission is over and the next 3/4 is where it all happens. I will probably be leaving bangapi in about 2 1/2 weeks because I have been here for almost 3 transfers so it will be time to go.
I really really enjoyed your talk micah I think that is exactly what faith is. I wish I would have thought of that when I was 12 giving my first talk. what a boss.  I honestly might steal that from you and use that in a lesson. Thanks micah. I think that this story applies to me at this point in my mission as well. I see so many older missionaries having such amazing experiences and all I can do is hope and have faith that the lord will bless me with some experiences like that. I think the most amazing experience I am having right now is a prayer being answered and coming to pass right before my eyes. Patience. Patience has been on my mind since the mtc. I have been praying for it and trying to show it to others. Well right now I have been given the perfect opportunity to show my patience. Right now we arent having much success finding new investigators.  I am still trying to get better at the language and trying to be a better teacher and learning the gospel.  I am being forced to choose between 2 roads: either I can try to do it my way and get angry and do what I want, or I can choose the lords way. Moroni 7:45-48 is really what reminds to do my best to choose the lords way, or the way that Christ would take. ” Charity is the pure love of christ.”
Any ways I am trying to apply what micah said in his talk and trusting that there is a nice ice cold lake and I can see the whole world where I am trying to go.
We had a really good lesson with Jack this week. He is really hard to meet with because of his work but it was good none the less. We talked about the gospel of christ and alot about repentence. It was really cool because he is christian already so he knows alot. towards the end he told us that he didnt feel that he was ready to get baptized next month. So we explained that this was the whole reason that we were there; is to help him prepare him and help him know what he needs to do to repent and change in order to get there. Repentence is more than just saying you did something wrong. It is changing yourself to be more like christ and changing your life to conform to what he asks. It was cool to see him realize how he is going to change. I am excited for him.
I hope summer is treating everyone very well. It is raining alot here. this morning a bunch of elders met at the biggest church in thailand which is about as big as ours, and we played soccer and it started pouring rain. It was so fun.
I expect an email as soon as kale gets his call.
Love, elder Harley

Micah gave a talk in Church today.  This was part of his talk.  It was on Ether 12:6 about a trial of your faith.  He did a great job. “When I was 10 years old I had never climbed Mount Timpanogas.  But I had heard about this hike from my brothers, sister and cousins.  They talked about Emerald Lake and how cold it is.  They talked about the  saddle and how you could see Utah Lake and the whole valley once you reached it.  And they talked about the snow field that you could slide down.  I really wanted to hike Timp even though I had never seen these things.  I hoped that they were all true so I was willing to hike the mountain to get there.  But the hike was hard.  Me and my dad carried backpacks that were heavy with camping gear.  We started in the afternoon and finally made it to Emerald lake after dark.  We set up camp and went to sleep.  The next morning I was able to see Emerald lake.  And is was cold – just like everyone said.  We then hike up to the saddle where I was able to see Utah lake and the whole valley.  And then after hiking to the summit we slid down the snow field back to our campsite at Emerald lake.  It turns out everything I hoped for was true.  And even thought it was a difficult hike to get to the top of the Timp it was worth it to actually see all these things for myself.  My hope turned into a strong witness of the truth about Mount Timpanogas. I have a testimony that the church is true.  I believe that we should have a hope in Christ.  And that our faith will grow as we follow Christ by serving others and keeping the commandments.  It can be hard sometimes but the blessings will be great.”
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