July 23, 2012

Dear Mother Father and My dear siblings,

It is good to hear that everyone is having a good summer in Utah. Dont take the mountains and the mountain air for granted because one day you will be stuck in the muggy city streets of thailand without a single mountain in sight. I think I have decided I want to live with the mountains for the rest of my life. But besides that thailand its doing just fine. It has been hot every other day and dumping rain the rest of the days. It is so fun to just ride my bike as fast as I can though the pouring non stop rain. There is nothing like it. Not even the arizona rain can compare schaelers. I have been running in the mornings alot with elder Richardson and it seems to just make the day so much better.
So this week was a good week, but it took a lot of patience. at the beginning of the week we were looking at our low number of progressing investigators and looked at the many the other elders had. It was hard because we were inviting every day for hours. We werent getting many lessons and we had to just wait it out. This is where I started to just trust that if I work my hardest, it doesnt matter how much I get, as long as I just do my best. So we just did just that. The week turned into a huge blessing when we taught a lot of lessons on saturday and then we met Jack and his family.
Let me tell you about them. They are a christian couple with 2 kids and the wife’s sister who is budhist. We ran into them while inviting a couple weeks ago and havent seen them since then because they were busy. But then we called them on friday and they were randomly free. So we went and taught the restoration and gave them books of mormon. I could just see the light in Jack’s eyes as he started to realize what this story about a 14 year old boy meant for him. then we went back on saturday and explained why the book of mormon is important and invited them to church and they accepted. But they didnt show up… so after one of our lessons on sunday we decided just to go visit then and we ended up teaching them. This turned into how we need to follow jesus and baptism. And before we could even give the commitment, Jack asked if he needed to get baptized again. We gave them all babtismal dates and I am so excited for them. Jack is so humble and ready for the message.
We also have another baptismal dater that I havent mentioned yet named pim. She was a referal from a member named sister daw and sistr daw is like a girl version of kale. She calls me her child cause she doesnt have kids yet and she wants to have one that looks like me. Shes insane. But anyways sister pim is locked and loaded for the middle of august and she is just golden. She hasnt had a single problem and she has read almost to alma already. very impressive.

We saw alot of blessings this week and Im excited for the weeks to come. I will probably move areas the middle of august.
I hope everyone is doing good and continues to be better.
Love Elder Harley
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