July 16, 2012

Dear family,

Mother why would I just catch a fish and leave it on the sand to die. That has been my top priority is to get Bo invested in the gospel. Its not very hard since she is friends with everyone and is addicted to the book of mormon. We are haveing brother autaun teach her after missionary discussions. He is single and needs to get married, And he wont admit it but hes got a crush on her. I love that guy. he is an inspiration to be followed.

I am so happy today. I have just had trial after trial these past few days, but today I am happy. I told you about my companion last week. He is from lao and he is about to finish his mission in a couple transfers. Well I didnt tell you that I have been praying for charity and patience because after doing some research, it turns out charity isnt an acquired trait. Its a gift from god. So how did heavenly father give me charity you ask? He sent me Elder Intavong! He is a very stong missionary and he is obedient to the t and he wants to serve others. But he takes alot of patience and alot of changing on my part. I was really struggling the last few days trying to tell him that I can do things differently than you can and It just made me more angry and more unmotivated to work. But I got up this morning for my 6 oclock run and I thought long and hard about my attitude and how it needs to change big time. I dont really know what is to come with that but I got faith just like shaq’s got milk.
I am still trying to figure out thai. Speaking it all day long is helping a ton, but I still feel behind. I am now the only white guy that is sitting in on lessons which is really weird when I think about it. I am starting to understand more and more which is better. Yesterday I translated for the first time in elders quorum because this big black dude from nigeria came to church. He was way tight. He is in thailand for the sole reason to play soccer. He has never gone to church before and we will give him to the international elders. He has a really interesting story. It was really wierd though cause we were talking about sharing the gospel effectively during elders quorum so I think Azeez, the black man, was super confused. It was fun though.
Well it seems like everything is so good in utah except that I hear that the stupid fires ruined my trials in alpine. Jerks. I love you all like the brothers and sisters that we are.
Later, Elder Harley
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