July 9, 2012

Dear Familia,

IT was a wonderful week. Bo was baptized on saturday and it was such a good day. She was so excited but so nervous at the same time. She would ask us almost everyday what she had to do when the bishop would ask her to bear her testimony. She didnt know what she needed or wanted to say. But thats not the point. We kept telling her that it is her own thoughts and her own feelings. Its what she has come to know is true, it is not for the benifit of the elders or her friends or any other person in the world. Anyways she killed it and gave a wonderful testimony about repentance and how happy this has made her. It was such a good experience and I felt the presence of holy ghost so strong as she went into the water. I made sure that I thanked heavenly father for that wonderful experience.

Well my new companion is Elder, wait for it, Intavong. He is from lao but dont worry he speaks thai. He is about as big as micah and has a big smile. He doesnt speak much english but I know that its going to boost my language up like crazy. He teaches very well and he is very very organized, my planning is going to get alot better.( side note I just felt my mustache and its starting to come in very nicely) I will tell you about all the good times and the stuggles that are going to happen in the next few weeks. and no I did not move areas. I will probably move next transfers. Our new mission president is super funny and it is going to be very interesting to see how this mission is going to change with a non thai speaking president.
I will tell you that I was very nervous for Elder Heslop to leave. I love him alot and it was sad to see him go. No worries we will hang out in america. I was also really nervous to take over the area but after praying alot and receiving the blessings from your prayers, everything is working out so far. It also helps that Elder Intavong knows what he is doing.
Oh by the way, now that I am figuring things out here in Bangapi, me and elder richardson decided that we dont want to be fat when we going home, so we are starting to work out better. We are even waking up at 6 sometimes so we can go run for longer. I am also trying to eat healthier. Even though food here is so good, that doesnt mean its healthy. Davy Kammer would be proud.
I think thats about it. Please pray that we will find those that have been prepared.
Love Elder Harley,
PS.  I will keep all of you in my prayers.
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