July 2, 2012

Dear separating family,

Its seems like everyone is growing up and dispersing. I guess that is life and I have found is one of the hardest parts of life as well. Coming on a mission has forced me to grow up and do things, that in the past, could have just relied on others. Its tough but its forces me to get better. I think that one of the hardest parts of life is change. with change comes the fear of the unknown. Its trusting in god rather than in yourself. I have realized that this is one of my biggest fears and I am forced to face it every single day. I will be forced to do it again this week because my companion is leaving me. I will not have a trainer to trust in. Its pretty scary but I am excited. We also had a change in the mission. We got our new president this last week, president senior. They are way younger than president smith. He is very opposite of president smith as well. He likes to crack jokes when president smith just got down to business. Its a huge change, especially since he doesnt speak thai. He came and talked to us yesterday and talked about his journey from getting a call to go to .(Elder Heslop looked like a boss yesterday in his fresh suit I am jealous and Im getting one) North carolina to being reassigned to thailand. It was a pretty intense story. He and his wife talked alot about faith and about trusting in the lord rather than there own abilities. Change is all around me and its all around us all. Its what we do when that change occurs that decides the future. We can take it like a boss or we can just melt down. in the end, we cant really do much about it so be happy!
This week we did alot of tracting and we didnt see much fruit from inviting, but we did see others come in other ways. for Example. On tuesday night after english, we were just talking with people there and a guy came and didnt want to learn engish, he just wanted to learn about jesus. His name is narin I didnt go in and teach him because we split up and  I went and talk sister aah. But Elder Heslop told me his story. He was just in his house laying down and was thinking about how pointless budhism was. He then told us that He just had the idea to go find a church and he came to ours. He was so willing to learn and told elder Heslop that the pack of cigarettes in his pocket was that last one. I hope good things come for him. Bo also had her interview this week and passed with flying colors. She is so ready. Her baptism is on saturday. Its super exciting. We had a family home evening at a members house this last monday and bo came. Its was super fun and the mom is a cook and made us delicious food.
This week I got chased by a bunch of dogs. But they dont do anything. They are just ugly and annoying.they all look like large rats.
I hope everyone is having a good week in america. I hope you dont get barbecued while america burns. I love you all
Later, Elder Harley
PS- I got my name tag this last week in thai. There is something wrong with it… Ill let you figure that out.
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