May 28

dear family,

Everything is good in Thailand. I am now no longer the youngest missionary in thailand! We had transfers this last week and it was cool to see some of the elders from the MTC. One bit of sad news is that one of my best buds from the MTC went home. He was up in Chang Mai I dont know details but he needed to clear stuff up, hopefully he can come back in about a year. Other than that I got a new roomie in our house. Elder Jensen got transfered and Elder Richardson took his place. He is way cool and I am excited that he is  in our district. Oh ya and we got sisters put into our district. One of them is from utah and her mom is from thailand, her mom owns a restaurant called spicy thai in provo so if you ever go there you can ask her mom about stuff. But the crazy thing is that the new missionary is a brand new missionary and she doesnt speak any thai and she is getting trained by a sister who is on transfers 4! thats only 2 transfers more than me. its crazy! I cant even imagine doing that!
So this week was a really good week investigator wise. We now have 3 baptismal daters and they are doing pretty well. Sister Nat, Brother bat, and sister bo. I got to tell you about sister bo. She is a girl who has been coming to english class for a while, and the first time that people come we sit them down one at a time and give a really short gospel lesson and see if they are interested in learning about the gospel. Well Sister Bo was not interested at all and just went to english to learn english. But a couple weeks ago after we gave our spiritual thought at the end, like we do everyweek (about heavenly father and about how we are here because we love him and we know he loves you), she came up afterwards and told us that she wanted to learn now. And she is eating it up now. She has come to church 2 times already, and she is friends with half the ward already. She stays after church just to talk to people. She is so good. She even went up to us on sunday and just told us she wants to learn all the commandments.
I think that the best part of this area is definately the members. especially brother egg. He is helping me alot with the language cause I need it. But all of them are so willing to help us out on any given night. It kind of makes me wonder how missionaries where you are feel. Cause here I feel like all the members are familiar with us and help out all the time-even the teenagers- and I dont think I even saw the missionaries where you guys are at once.
Thats hilarious that dad sold the suburban, but I am going to miss that machine. I do not get the emails from taylor if you could send them that would be cool. oh and I found the secret to making of delicious thai food- its a little thing the thai call msg. so other than that I really dont know what to put in it other than more peppers.
Well I dont have much else to say this week. Hope everyone enjoys there boring summer in Utah.
Love Elder Harley
PS- dad I think that there is a lock on my card so I cant take out very much at one time. I could take it out day by day but the atms charge 5 bucks every time you take out money. If you could try and fix that that would be cool so I can pay for my bike. and if you send a package could you send some more pictures. I would like atleast one that is like 3 in by 4 in or smaller of our family. thanks
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