May 21

Dear family,

It was nice talking to you but it just made me homesick afterwards. But then we went to this big flee market after wards and I got over it. This place was huge! it had everything that you could want for sooo cheep. I am not going to buy that much right now cause I dont want to haul it around but I for sure will before I go home cause I could get everything. I am glad we didnt buy too many ties cause I got some for about a dollar each and my comp says there is a place where you can get them for 30 cents a piece. its so sweet. I am also glad I waited till thailand to get a watch cause I got a super nice g shock which are usually about 80 dollars for about 12 dollars. good decision.
Anyways this week I went on 3 exchanges. The first one was with my zone leader and the second two were with my fellow greenies. It was pretty tough but we just went for it and it was a decent day. We taught a some lessons together and did some inviting. Its still hard to get all my thoughts out cause I cant speak very well.
We also had zone conference this last week and President Smith came and it was his last zone conference before he goes home. He has had some pretty cool stuff happen to him while he has been in Thailand I he really believes that even though the new president cant speak Thai, he is being sent here for a specific reason. and He is going to do something great. He also said that this mission is going to be super young with the new president. When my comp goes home in september, 70 percent of the mission will be under 6 moves, which is almost 1 year. So that means that I will be part of the older group then cause Ill be on my 5th then. That puts alot of pressure on us and we will have to step it up.
So this week we taught quite a bit but sometimes I feel like we are working hard, but our investigators are always falling through. I cant tell if its that I am not working hard enough or if the lord is just testing my patience. Its hard to tell. any advice on how I can tell?
But the lessons we did teach were good. Its wierd because while I have been here I havent really taught any families. and this past week I got the opportunity to do that. I think it is so cool seeing families just being brought up together in this gospel and teaching how they can have more happiness. I havent really realized how happy our family compared to some here. There is a lady named sue and she is from china and doesnt speak thai but speaks english. She got babtized in cambodia and then went to china and then to Thailand but in that time didnt really go to church. Then about 1 week before I came she had found my comp and his comp at the mall while they were passing out stuff and said she has been trying to find a church but hasnt seen one. So she came to church with her little girl who is so cute, for a couple weeks and then stopped going. So we went over to her house yesterday and talked to her and she told us about her family. She got married to a white guy from germany after she was babtized and she has never told him that she is babtized and that they dont really talk about anything. She basically told us that her life is a mess right now and she cant talk to anyone and she feels bad to go to church cause she needs a translator. It was sad and I just am glad that my family isnt like that.
Long story short, families in the gospel are just straight up happier, hands down no objections.
I hope everyone at home is good. go fight win.
Elder Harley
PS- mom if or when you send a package could you send a couple bars of cetaphil. and dont forget my mini preach my gospel. thank you and say good luck to Ryan for me.
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