June 4

Dear Everyone,
Before I start I got about crazy thai people. about 30 seconds ago we were walking to the internet run and we saw this old grandma in the middle of the side walk just changing her pants. She had no pants on. Are you kidding me!?
oh my goodness it was so funny. Oh and fat white people that move here to get a wife are funny too. We call them คี่นกs or khii nogs which means bird poop. This one, who was this big hairy guy with tatoos all up and down his arm came up to me and Elder pipat who is our thai zone leader ( we where on exchanges) and he came up to us and in his irish accent asked. “can I pray with you” I we asked why and he just kept asking ” I just want to pray to jesus can I pray with you?” so I asked if we could come teach him a lesson at his house I he told us that his visa was messed up or something so we couldnt go. He said he had been learning with elders before. Finally we just let him him pray and it was a pretty good prayer. Then he finished and said thanks and asked us that now he just wanted a picture of jesus. so we gave him a pass along card and then he bounced. It was kinda wierd.
Anyways this week had its good moments and its bad moments like everyweek has. one of the bad moments is that the bishop asked us to sing in the choir because they are singing at stake conference and we have to memorize the songs. Its such a waste of time. But its kind of fun  being with some of the members. The reason that he asked us to sing is because we are white so we know what melody is. Thai people on the other hand… dont. they just were not made to be able to sing.
Some of the good moments is that โปว์ or Bo is doing very well. She has so many questions and she just wants to learn it all. She said in a lesson that she wants to learn all of the commandments just because she doesnt want to break one on accident. She is so ready to learn. She is asking alot about temples too.
Some of our other daters are not doing so hot, in fact we havent been able to contact them in over a week. its really hard especially since I have seen them feel something in the lessons. They know that this is right, but they just choose not to progress.
Another one of our investigators , อ้อ or aah is doing really good. We had a really good lesson and one of the members brother travis (who is so handsome and so stylish and such a boss but he cant get married) really brought the spirit in when he taught about faith and his conversion story about faith. It doesnt ever come all at once, and answers usually dont come the next day. For him he had to pray and read for a month before he got an answer. อ้อ is really awesome but she lacks an answer and this lesson hit it right on the head.
It was a good week but everyone in the ward still makes fun of me for sucking at thai, but what are ya gunna do? To answer some question. Kayla: I cant tell you how good the foods is. I had squid the other day and it was pretty decent, and you can use my longboard if you can figure out where it is and if you can figure out the code… good luck. Micah: Thanks for the motivation. and about elephant poop. I already some for you but it might take a little while before I can send it home cause I got so much of it. Eva:I love you Ashton: have fun in South carolina, you will have to tell me about it.
Love Elder Harley
Ps: Mom can you send cetaphil in the box and my favorite cookie is peanut butter ones. Thanks alot oh and I hate cheese wiz.
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