May 7

Dear family,

I think that this week went by pretty fast. Its really weird how time works out here in the mission field. This week I went on my first exchange with a different companion. Elder Jensen. He came to my area so that meant that I was the one who new all the investigators and I was the one who directed the day. Pretty intimidating because I have only been here for almost 4 weeks. I didnt know if I could handle it, but by the end of the day, I realized that I know more than I thought I knew and it went alright. I am learning more and more everyday.  It was way funny though, while we were inviting E. Jensen and I went to this little place that sells stuff cause we needed water. We met this dude who we had seen before and just talked to him. Let me give you a description of this guy- He has long nasty black hair with a super thin, long gote and finger and toe nails so long you wonder how he puts on shoes. I dont know what his real name is but we call him Ricky because Elder Heslop and his last companion met him while inviting before and he showed them his favorite song- Never gunna give you up by Rick Astly. Elder Heslop said he was dying laughing. Any ways we talked to him again on the street and He said we could go over and  teach him for like 10 minutes. This was our first mistake. We then taught him about the restoration and even gave him the baptismal challenge and he said he would get baptized. But then it just got weird. He kept getting up and going to get stuff and would ask these weird questions. I dont think he was all in the head. He was a really nice guy and he had a lot of good thoughts but I dont think he was ready for the gospel. after we finished we just wanted to get out of there so we asked him to pray and he prayed for like 7 minutes for alot of weird stuff. the lesson ended up being like an hour. We got his phone number and bounced maybe we will call him once and a while a see whats up.
That was my funny story for the week but I also want to tell you about this investigator named UUM. UUM is a girl who we just started teaching and she is already christian and a friend of one of the members. She is so good and ready for the gospel. We commited her to be baptized in June and we think she is going to be ready. Shes reading the Book of Mormon like a Boss and Shes trying to change her life. She did have a concern with not being able to keep all of the commandments after she was baptized. So much so that she was almost to the point of tears. She had a legitimate fear of that. So we taught about the atonement and Forgiveness and she feels better. But then I thought about it and this is a fear that everyone would have without the atonement. The fear of making just one mistake. But we dont have to fear as long as we are doing our best.
This week was also cool cause I got my first Thai rain storm when I was outside. It rains in the morning all the time. But since its the hot season it doesnt rain everyday like it will. But this rain is crazy. It just gets cloudy and then just dumps like I have never seen something dump. I love being in this tropical weather. Ill probably say different once the rainy season starts but for now its good.
Oh ya yesterday 3 dogs got up all in my face and we almost had to kick them. The dogs here  are nasty. They got like hair falling out or they are bald with rabies and such. They everywhere too and for some reason just hate missionaries.
Well I hope everyone is good. Thats cool that Ashton is going to go work in Charlston. Kayla go hoop it up. Micah tear that violin apart. And Eva you keep being Eva.
Love Elder Harley
P.S.- Mom for mothers day we can skype so what ill do is make a skype account and you make one and send me an email of your username. we will do it around 9 am here so it will be about 8 pm there. but check online just to make sure. Im excited to talk to you all.
And yes I would like antipersperant preferably the old spice matterhorn or belize my comp got those and they are wonderful. And I guess dont send nutella cause even though its expensive, I realized that its probably more expensive to send it. And dad I have bought a bike but I got a loan so I will take out money right before next transfer meeting to pay them back. Its wierd how they do it but whatever.
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