April 30

Dear Fam,
I lied last week, mangos are in season and they are super cheap if you dont buy them at the hiso markets. yesterday we walked by this house and someone just gave us some cause they had a ton. and they are 70 times more delicious than in america. I love them. And they have these things called mangosteen which are so delicious as well.
So ill tell you some more of the details of this place. We live in a part of town that is pretty poor. some of the houses you cant even image living in. but at the same time there is a hiso mall a few miles a way. and there are nieborhoods in our area that are super wealthy as well. Yes we have indoor plumbing, atleast in our house and most houses around here have plumbing but some dont even have floors so they use the cannals. let me tell you about the cannals-they are soo gross they smell so bad a they have creatures all up in them. The other day we were coming back from tracting and there was a gila monster, which is like a giant lizard that is close to the kamodo dragan was just chillin in the cannal. we thought it was a huge snake a first but then this thai guy told us it wasnt. it was sweet. Anyways most of the houses with indoor plumbing including ours has a bide or however you spell it and its so nice. We get our water from this water machine for drinking water but the rest of the water is gross. The houses are mostly made of cement. um there is a hospital right where we live. And I dont know how to spell it in english but the main road where i live is nawamin 153.
So this week we talk a bunch of lessons and I am able to take part in the lessons a bunch but its hard for me to understand specifically what people say, I can pick out words and get the context pretty well, but when it comes to a specific problem my comp has to pick it up. By the way my comp is boss. He is his fiery read head that looks mad all the time but he really isnt. hes way good at dancing, when we played sonkran he danced and everyone made a circle around him it was tight. But anyways, there are times when I can understand alot and then there are times that I am completely lost, especially with the ones that speak sooo fast. But I can tell its getting a little better. Keep the prayers rollin.
So we had an interesting day on saturday. We have an investigator named Fang who is this 23 year chinese girl with eyes that make me wonder if she can even see. But she is super funny and she talks alot . and she had a baptimal date for this saturday, so we were going to teach her friday and prepare her for her interview on saturday. So we taught her and everything was good and she was destined for baptism, and then satan came. She ended up getting a job that friday after we taught and she canceled her interview on saturday, plus her job makes it so she works on sunday. And then she didnt come to church! So it was a very disheartening day and what is even more ironic is that we were studying about faith right before she called. So we will see what will happen.
We had a lot of other people cancel on saturday also, so that night we slammed. (slamming is this thing were you get these cookies called timtams and then you use them as straws while slurping warm chocolate milk. its good)
Its really hot here in thailand but at the same time, everyone is happy and could use the gospel in there lives. We do alot of inviting and I am really starting to enjoy talking with so many new people. Even though I cant understand everything that people say, Im starting to understand enough so that I can see their personalities come through and its fun to get to know them.
Well I think thats it I sent some ptures to drop box but I might end up putting my pictures on a flash drive and sending my card home one of these weeks.
I hope everyone else is happy and healthy as well and stuff. Oh I forgot to tell you, you know the elder that we wrote to last october that lives next to us? ya I live in the same house as him. wierd hu. oh and if you could give me word on kale, he doesnt seem to think he needs to write me.
Love Elder Harley
PS. If you send a package send some more netela obviously cause Its delicious. It would be cool to get another cheap usb drive. oh in the box I sent home is a mini preach my gospel and I thought I wouldnt want it but I decided I do so it you can send that. um maybe some anti persperant deoderent cause the deoderent here is worthless. that would be wonderful. Thank you very much.
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