April 23

Dear Family,
I guess I didnt explain too much about life here last week, but then again I didnt have much experience either. Now I got a whole 1 week under my belt so maybe I can give a little more info.
I live on a little street in bangkapi. its a nice little cottage and I enjoy it. Me a my companion walk everywhere, take taxis or ride on these things called songtaws which are just trucks that have made the trunk into a place where you can sit. There super awesome and I wish america would invest cause they are super convenient. Anyways so we dont ride bikes at all here but I did get a bike, I got it on the first day. Its a trek mountain bike and its actually a really good bike. It will be good when I need to use it. When we eat, we eat out. Everything is super cheap (30 or 40 baht which is like a dollar) so we just go to these restaurants for every meal, well they are more like houses that have made there front area into a restaurant. They arent much to look at but they make such good food. The Thai food is pretty spicy but I usually have to put on some thai chillies to get some good spice. But the Easan food, which is food from the eastern side of Thailand is insane! i almost pasted out it was so hot. And I hear that I didnt even have the hot stuff. But once all my taste buds burn off Ill be good. The fruit here is so good especially the mangos and the pineapple. The pineapple is pretty cheap but honestly the mangos are more expensive than america. I was furious, but I dont think they are in season right now so that may be the problem. Oh and the spicky fruit is called turian and its smells like throw up. I hear it tastes like throw up too but I havent tried it yet. I will though and tell about it.
So thats some stuff about thailand but now Ill talk about the people. We went inviting this week alot because alot of appointments fell through. The people here are really chill and they will make appointments but when we show up, they arent even home. So its kindof frustrating but we talked alot about it and we just need to work and thats all we can do. We have 2 investigators with a baptism date. Fang and nat. They were being taught before I came but its fun getting to know them. We teach them alot with a member named brother egg and he is so tight. Hes 21 and hes going to serve a mission at the end of this year. I talk to him alot and told him that hes going to teach me how to speak thai. So we will see how that goes.
So this week we were inviting after a lesson we had and we were just going house to house and a girl, late 20s but looked way young, rode by on her bike and shouted “elders!” so we turned around and stopped her and asked her how she knew us and she said she had taken an english class from us a bunch of years ago. (we teach english every tuesday) So we talked to her for a while,her name was jazz, and I barely understood anything but she told us that her mom smoked alot and she wanted us to help her mom stop smoking. so we went to her house and taught her family about prayer. They were such a nice family and her sister mom dad and her sisters children listened in. It was really cool and we got a return appointment. So we went back a taught again about the restoration and focused on the atonement and how they can apply it. This time jazz, her mom, and her sister were there. It was a cool lesson and we went out of there feeling good and felt like they were having a good experience. We have another appointment with them on Wednesday. The thing that stood out to me the most though was that Jazz had a brain injury about couple of years ago and it made her left side of her body paralyzed. She just barely learned how to walk a few months ago and she had only been riding a bike for a week when we met her. I couldnt help but think about ashton and the similarities between their stories. I dont really know how its going to turn out but I hope that her and her family see the blessing that can come from the gospel.
Anyways I hope everyone is doing good and I am trying to send pictures through dropbox but its super slow so we will see. Make sure people know that they can send me emails but I will have to snail mail back.
Have a good week,
Love Elder Harley
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