April 3

Dear family,
As you already know this is my last email in the MTC!! Im so excited to get out of here and into the real world. Its going to be alot different than here thats for sure. In here it is a spiritual box that feels so good, but you cant leave… so its good and bad. But I am going to miss it. I have made a lot of good buddies in here and it will be sad to not be around them 24/7. alot of them are going to byu after their missions so we will have some good thai chats then.
Anyways it was a good week this week. Taylor came in and it was cool seeing him. Oh and big news is that david archuleta is in the MTC, but you already know that seeing as he got the close up on him at conference (he gets a little spoiled in here). ya conference was probably the most meaningful its ever been because now is the time that I really need it. Its interesting how that works. In the scriptures and even now a days, it is usually when people are at their lowest point that they decide to hearken to the voice of the prophets. But think about the blessings that will come when they hearken at their highest point. I think that it is super important to think about how much more we can receive when we hearken all the time so that we can get more blessings than we can recieve. So anyways, watch conference again. I find that its not really the words they say but the feeling and impressions that you get when you watch. kind of like the scriptures.
I dont have much to say this week but Im sure that my letter will be very full next week.
Love Elder Harley
P.S.- I got my travel plans last thursday so Im leaving on monday. I will leave the mtc around 430 pm and my flight leaves at 810 pm and arrive at 9:10 at LAX. then I will fly to hong kong at 11:50 pm and get there at 5:40 am but the time changes so it wont be 540 am here . I think that one is like a 15 hour flight. and then I will have about a 3 hour layover and then fly to bangkok and get there around 10:35 am. so I get to call and talk to you all during my layovers so I will maybe call at Salt lake and for sure at LAX so make sure all the chillins are awake. I bought a calling card here that has 500 minutes on it. so I will talk to you then. I will probably send a box home with some stuff that I dont need. and thats it.
Micah ill try and send you some elephant poop in a letter. 😉
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