April 3 (Dad)

Dear padre,
your very welcome and thats good that you got your annual birthday april fools joke. Thats a pretty good one I must say.
I have learned so much here at the mtc and Im only going to learn more once I get there but I am learning to just take it one day at a time and just making myself better everyday. I am very ready to get to the field though and have some more good experiences. Im glad that you are being blessed with your new… chickens. oh and your new job. I hope its as good as the job you had in california. Thanks for the good advice dad I am definately learning patience in here which is one of the things that I struggled with before my mission. Its one trait that is not easily mastered. Im getting better though and it will continue to get better and better.
Ill going to call on monday so we will talk then but I will definatley email you more about thailand next week. And Ill try to use drop box but if I cant then I will just send them over email.
Love elder harley.
PS tell mom to tell sister berget that I am very thankful that she could be a delivery person while i have been here. Im so greatful for all the things that you send me and Im going to miss getting packages.
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