April 16

Well family the first few days in thailand have been some of the craziest days of my life so I will just start right at the beginning. We went on the flight and they told us before to talk to people that we come in contact with and share a little about the gospel so I talked to some mormons in utah. I talked with this super sweet pro surfer in los angeles who was super informed about mormons and was a decently religious but he wasnt really interested but he was cool anyways and it was cool to learn about his sweet life. Any ways we got to thailand and its wicked hot and they drive on the wrong side of the street so that was super wierd. Ya so we all stayed at the mission presidents house that night and ate thai food (which I thought was way good but then later me and my companion ate a few times at these crazy ghetto resturants and it is way better.) but they also gave us fruit and you havent eaten fruit untill you eat it here. The mangos and the pineapple and the bananas are so good!

So the next day I met my companion and he is a red head from north utah and he is wicked good at thai. his name is elder heslop. We were assigned to bangabi which is a section of bangkok. We are in a ward so they have a really nice church building that they meet in.

We planned that thursday so we didnt do much. BUT then the next day was sonkran which is the biggest water festival in the world. Its basically a country wide water fight and so the Elders were allowed to go one of the four days and play and it was so crazy. I ll try to send pictures but I didnt take any cause I dont have a water proof camera. It was insane. But it got old the next day because we went inviting the next day and we got soaked from everyone.  It felt good but it got old. Then we went to church on sunday and I realized that I dont speak thai because I did not understand a thing that they said. So I need some hard core prayers because I literally couldnt survive if I didnt have my companion. Its tough. So that was my past week.

The food is pretty hot but honestly I love it it is sooo good.

anyways even though it was a week full of fun stuff, the language is still so hard and I cant communicate with any one.

It sounds like everything is good at home and everyone is just moving right along. Ill do my best out here if all of you do your best over there.

Love Elder Harley

P.S.- I am only allowed to send 1 email a week so I cant email anyone else but this one. but I lied and I get mail every week so it doesnt take 6 weeks to get mail so you can send me a hand written letter if you so choose to. Mom I dont really remember where else I would have put his ipod. Try looking all over my room cause it might have fallen somewhere. I am on the computer at around 11 in the morning here but its 14 hours fast or so. so its probably like 9 on sunday night but you could check on the internet.Ill send more pictures next week.

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