March 27th

Dear Family,
I would like to start out by sending a shoutout to my papa who turns 40 something on saturday! woohoo. Which is also General Conference which I hear is basically like the super bowl here in the MTC. Oh and the MTC is singing in the choir in the saturday afternoon session and a bunch of elders in my district are singing. I tried to sign up but they said that millions of people are going to see this and the dont want it ruined. So Im not in the choir but you may see one of my ties if I can get someone to wear one of them.
Anyways Im glad that everything is just great 20 minutes away from where I am now. Its weird to think that I am not going to see the mountains and the snow and temperatures below 90 for 2 years. I was just thinking about that the other day. But its also wierd how Im not going to see all of you for 2 years as well. And sometimes I look at it in that perspective; in two years I will be done. In the past I have thought about a mission and even this life as a thing we have to do. Or just a destination that we look forward to and do things just so that we can get there. and throughtout high school and stuff I would just do things so that I could get them done and I wouldnt have to worry about it. And we compared this to Repentence in one of our lessons this week. Sometimes we think that repentence is just getting rid of sin, but its alot more than that. Its continually getting better everyday and changing yourself everyday and progressing everyday. Its not the destination that we are working towards in a sense, its perfecting ourselves on the journey and striving to be better right now. This is kind of a deep thought so I cant really explain it in writing but I think you get the point. This wednesday I am hosting so I will be the missionary picking up the new missionaries. wierd. It felt just like yesterday that I was the new missionary. and then on thursday I get my travel plans so I will let you know next week when I am leaving and stuff. Oh mom I thought alot about you this weekend because I felt a little under the weather and I thought about all the times that you took care of me. Im going to be on my own for 2 years so I hope you taught me well!
Im excited to leave this place but at the same time I really enjoyed it. I read the book of mormon twice and my testimony of it has grown more that ever. Ive learned so much and I ready to share it.
Have fun everyone.
Love Elder Harley PS- Thank you for your package last week I think that one got the number 1 spot. Everyone drooled over the salsa. I am super excited for ashtons letter. and one thing that I would like to get is some little notebooks. but they cant be just any I have specifics that I like. one of the elders got me a pack of them from the outside world and I love them. They are super durable and they fit perfectly in my pocket. They are called MOLESKINE notebooks they are about 5 in by 3 in by like 5 millimeters. and they come in a pack of 3. My friend got them from the BYU bookstore, but they might just be on amazon. If you could get me some that would be awesome, if not oh well. Thank you Mother I love you so much!
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