March 20th

Dear Fam,

Its been a super fast week and I am getting to that point where Im about ready to be out of here. Even though I’m not near where I want to be, I think that I am to the point where I need to just start going to work. I have 3 weeks from yesterday and honestly that is not that much time. Kenny left last night and it was so exciting that he was going out to preach the good word but it was also sad cause I wont see him for a time. but its all good. Zach was supposed to come in this last week but apparently he is doing this new program where he will be here for only 6 weeks instead of 9 so he will get here about 5 days before I leave so at least I will get to see him and taylor. I’m so happy that everything is going good at home but I wouldnt be surprised if the house still smells like baby chickens when I get home. They stink so bad! But thats cool I’m glad dad is finding a good mid life crisis coping tool. just kidding dad, your not that old. Anyways tell jono to shoot me a letter so I can talk about his future with him. Im super excited that he is going to BYU that is so awesome.

So twice a week we discuss a chapter in the book of mormon with my teachers on a specific topic. for example faith or the atonment etc. So yesterday we decided to read about patience so we read Mosiah 24 which is about the rightious peeps of alma and the wicked lamanites. the lamanites oppress almas people and so the people of alma pray to the lord with all their might and the lord blesses them and they eventually escape. So the story by itself is very encouraging because it shows how the lord will always help the rightious who turn to him with all their might. But then we discussed our inspirational insights and what we talked about was the reason that the lord gives us trials. It has always bothered me that we sometimes look at people having a wicked good time and we look at them a think, why are they so happy if they are not doing what the lord asked them to do. and I would be trying my best to be doing whats right but it just seemed like they were happier for example, the pioneers and joseph smith. So I was thinking about this and it hit me, the rightious recieve trials not because the lord wants them to suffer, but because he trusts them. He trusts that they will be able to endure there afflictions and be successful with the help of the lord. So maybe when it seems like its hard times, and it seems like everyone around you is happier, just be grateful that you have been entrusted to endure this so the lord can make sure that you are worthy in the end.

I love this missionary work and I havent even been out in the field yet. Im excited for what is to come not only for me but for you guys as well. I hope all of you have a wonderful week and you understand that the lord has great things in store if we just endure.

Love the elder harley


Mother I think kennys Ipod is on my dresser downstairs. and I have done the inititories for the names you sent but it will take the next to weeks to finish the endowments so dont send any more names. Everyone here is very willing to help with the names it was really cool cause almost everyone in my district helped out this morning with the initatories. Thank you so much. Oh and make sure you keep those scriptures very safe. I sent them home because they are ripping and I want to keep those for a long time. love you.

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