March 6th

Sabadi may khrab khoobkhrua khong Phom?
I enjoyed your letter and Its cool to hear from a cousin out in the mission field. I have 5 weeks left and Its hard not to think about getting out of here. But on the other hand I am learning so much about this gospel and about how much it has blessed me throughout my life. alot of the time I take all the blessings I have for granted. Its been pretty hard this past week to really get into that spirit of missionary work and trying to focus on this work rather than the long road I have ahead. But really this is just a short period of time when you put it into eternity. I mean, I am giving up only 2 years of my entire existence to serve the lord. Its really hard to put that in perspective some times. The one thing that helps me is the Plan of Salvation. My testimony and thankfulness for this plan grows everytime I teach about it. I cant really comprehend someone not knowing what this great plan because I have known about it all of my life. But just listening my teachers who have seen those people with no vision and no hope for the future, I just get so anxious to let them know that it is NOT over. If we put our trust in the lord, and we follow him till the end, its not over. I am so excited to share this plan with others and to show them the blessings that I have recieved from it. I have recieved ALL of you! thank you for giving me that hope and that courage to go forward. I do it because I want to be with YOU for eternity and I want others to have that hope as well.
Anyways, I am glad that you are all doing well. Its cool that you saw some of our old friends from California I dont really remember them but its all good. We get new thais tomorrow and Its kinda wierd. the thais that were here before said that the last 6 week go by the fastest so I hope that they are right cause I want to go experience it. I dont really have much to say other than I can really use all the prayers that I can get and in return Ill pray for you. Deal?
I gotta tell you about this hammic that we made this week it was cool. Oh Kenny is leaving on Monday so its going to be pretty hard seeing him go. It was wierd, when I left the only person I was really saying goodbye to out of my friends was Kale.( how is he by the way tell him to write me a letter;) ) but now kenny is going to leave and its for good I wont see him for another 2 years. but on the bright side, zach is coming in next wednesday so it will be fun to see him.
last Devo Elder Holland came and talked to us. I bet you all can guess what he did. yep, he scared the pants off every missionary in there. but it was a great talk. He talked about how we should not look at our missions as something we are getting out of the way, but it is something that just push us off in the right direction for the rest of our lives. Its was pretty astonishing.
Well, I hope you all have a good week and Ill do the same.
Love Elder Harley
P.S.- Mom, to answer some of your questions, yes the Asian sister is the one that knows mrs. Bilbro, she says that shes awesome. That is so cool that Jonothan got into BYU, tell hime Im super happy.  I and all the elders loved the cookie dough. And I was going to try and make these vans last but I dont think they are going to. They are like 2 years old and thats a long life span. If you can it would be nice to get some new ones,( I was going to try to make them last till christmas just so they could be a christmas present but it doesnt look it). nothing spectacular just some basic black ones Kayla knows which ones they are. Thanks alot mom I love you!
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