March 13th

Dear Family,
Hows it going, to answer some of your questions mom. Kenny is doing good, he did something to his shoulder and he is doing some phyisical therapy before he leaves. He was super bummed that he wasnt able to leave but then I realized that maybe its a blessing. Now he gets to see Zach when he comes in on Wednesday! Im super pumped for that. I havent heard from Kale in a while and I wish I could get a hold of him cause I would like to hear from him. Im sad to hear about Uncle Craig and I hope that that his garden is still there when I get back. I enjoyed dads packages very much! I was so excited that he found amazon again.
The time here at the MTC is really wierd. I cant believe all that I have learned in just a short amount of time. But then again, I am realizing how much I still need to learn. Sometimes its really hard to keep up faith in order to do all the things that Im expected to do, but then something crazy happens and I feel on top of the world. And then the next day Im down low again. There is ups and downs all the time, multiple times during the day. For example 2 saturdays ago we went to teach TRC which is where we give a lesson to real life people who are usually returned missionaries from Thailand. Its amost the scariest thing in the world because not only do you have to teach someone who has already done what I am learning, but I have to do it in Thai. Needless to say, it is hard. Well anyways, we went into the lesson with a plan to teach them how we can recieve revelation through church, and we got in there and these 3 guys were in there and thought it would be better if we taught them a first lesson instead. Well me and my companion panicked and didnt really have much to say and the lesson was all over the place. So after they pretty much told us how bad we were and what we need to work on. it was bad news. So because of that experience, my week was super stressful and I had a lot of doughts about my abilities. Then the next saturday we went to teach TRC again and my companion and I decided to teach on the blessing of the temple. Then we got in the room… and it was the same guy from last week. So we shared our lesson and it went so good. We shared some experiences and had them share some and it was nice. So we get out feeling pretty good and right after our teacher comes and talks to us about it and it turns out that the week before, Trent (the guy that chewed us out) was haveing doubts about doing TRC because he felt they didnt need him there. Our teachers watch us teach on a TV and he sayed he really felt the spirit and he knew that that was the kind of experience that Trent needed. Me and my companion were so happy that it just turned our whole week around and we felt so much better. I know that this is going to be super tough. I am learning all different places where I need the lords help. But Im going to keep going cause I know with the lord I can do all things.
I have all of you and Im so blessed to have you. Thank you for you prayers and keep them coming cause I can use them.
Love Elder Harley
P.S. Mom about the preparation for Ashton and Micah, I think that the one thing that I wish  i had when I came in was a stonger testimony of Faith. I have a lot of challenges being here in the MTC and I wish I had greater faith. I think that I am slowly realizing how much I need to rely on faith.
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