February 28th

Dear Harley Family,
My week went pretty well. Im still trying to get a hold of this language. Im starting to pick more up, but its tough stuff. Ill get over it though and just keep working. Its wierd the older thai district left so now we are the oldest group here in the MTC, we are expecting around 8 new thai’s next wednesday so that just shows how long I have already been here. Im so excited to get out though. It made me a little jelous when the phii thais left yesterday and I just want to start having those experiences in thailand.
Today at the temple I read my patriarchal blessing, and I picked out alot of things that I really didnt noticed before but that really help me feel comfident in the work im doing. I so grateful for that blessing because it gives me the peace that if I just work hard and follow the spirit, everything will work out. A few weeks ago I told you about the goal that my district made to read the entire book of mormon. We are all on track and I think I will finish it right after I send this letter. but anyways that has been a cool experience cause I got alot more out of it than in the past. I just love the book of mormon and am so greatful that it is true because it is just gives me good stuff whenever I read it. My companion and I decided to buy a new little book of mormon for my mission. Its nice a small and my companion a I want to read it and mark it up before we leave so we can have a book of mormon that focuses just on the people we will be serving. (Mom I havent decided yet but I might send my old book of mormon home so you can take care of it, its starting to tear apart in places and I dont want to ruin it in thailand. I have had it for a long time and I think it will be cool to hold on to it especially since its from grandma) Its really nice and it will be good finding new insights in it.
Im sad to hear about the Johnson family that tough, tell them I will pray for them and I hope that he recovers well. (I cant imagine what it would be like to have a little brother have a stoke ;)).
(I just looked outside the window a saw all the snow falling…)
Oh mom you will be proud of me for this one. my vans I use for p-day were starting to rip so I used my sowing skills and stitched it up a little so they will last a little longer. Ill let you know how well I did in a couple weeks 😉
Im so glad that my family is doing well. keep it up and do good things I hope you continue to be blessed.
Love Elder Harley
P.S.- Mom I need a few things from you. I need some plastic bags to put my liquids in for when I leave cause apparently they can explode. I might just send home my sd card and just tape it into the envelope. Ill send some print outs as well. um I could use some pocket size family pictures they will be useful to show people when I get to thailand. Oh a by the way Im glad I got a good suit cause I have to wear it everyday. I havent worn anything but it.
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