February 21st

Whats happinin family of mine,

Mother thank you for the creme puffs, everyone ate them up! Ill try to get some pictures to you soon. I can probably give my card to Sister burget when she comes by again. Ill make sure I send a picture of the elders in my district. I finished the temple names you gave me today so I can send them with sister burget as well. I do need some more stamps and the stamps here seem really expensive (45 cents) so maybe you could get me some of those if they are cheaper other places. I cant really think of what else I need so Ill think about it this week.
Ive had a pretty good week and time is starting to pick up a little faster now. Our Phii thai’s are leaving next week and the next group of thais are coming in the week after that, which means that Im almost to the point that my Phii thais were at when I got here, its crazy. The language is super tough but I think that the more I work with it, the more that Im going to be able to learn it. last week I started to learn characters so I got a Thai book of mormon and beginning to be able to read it. Its pretty cool. My district is as good as ever and we are learning new things everyday, but at the same time, Im learning how little I know about this gospel. Not only am I learning how to teach people in a different language, I need to learn how to teach. Its tough. But Im pretty chill with it all and Im not stressing to bad.
Im so glad that all of you are doing so well. Dad told me about his work situation and I think that we are all definately being watched over by angels. I know that if we all rely on the lord, we will continually be blessed.
We had a great lesson on the importence of the Book of Mormon this week. My teacher talked about the importence to urge investigators to seek personal revelation through the book of mormon. Every single question that we have can be answered with it, we just need to ask in faith and search diligently. I know as I have been reading it everyday, I have been learning so much and it has been blessing me as I have gone about doing this work.
I gotta go but enjoy this extremely gross winter that I dont have to endure!!
Love Elder Harley
P.S. Im already getting sick of the food, which is not good for obvious reasons.
Message to Eva: Hey Eva thanks for writeing me. Keep it up in basketball and I cant wait to get some pictures from you. Ill have fun in Thailand when I get there… and I have a long way to go. but when I get to Thailand Ill let you know and Ill send some pictures of cool stuff to you. Stay in school.
Love Elder Harley
Message to Micah: Elders Davies is not related to Brandon Davies. the reason I know this is because my companions white. plus isnt brandon davies adopted or something? anyways the gurneys are fine for him and we sleep pretty well for the little time we have. I hope that when I get to Thailand that I do get attacked by monkeys cause that would be an impressive story especially if I survived. Ill send you pictures when I do. good bye for 1 year and 11 months micah.
Oh and here is a thai sentece for you. Sabaddi may khrap, khun chxx aray?, phom chaab Khii khong ling. which means Hi how are you, what is your name? I like monkey poop.
Love Elder Harley
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