February 14th

Dear mother and family,
Lots has happened this week but I dont really know what to say so Ill just say what I think was important. First of all I want to tell you how much I love my teachers, They are so good and what they do! Every time we have a lesson, they bring the spirit in and I learn something new, and then I think to myself that they cant top it… then they top it the next day. Its impressive. I have made alot of good friends just in the 3 weeks that I have had here. My district and even my zone are starting to become really close and we still have 8 more weeks here. Its probably going to be hard to split up but Im so excited for Thailand. My teachers keep telling me cool stories and they just pump me up even more. My district made a goal to read the entire book of mormon by Febuary 29 along with a few other language goals. When we first brought up the idea, I didnt think to highly of it and didnt have a very good attitude about it. But as we started, I realized how easy it is going to be. I learn so much from it every day. Things that I hadnt even read before. In the past (high school days) I would just read as fast as I could in order to get done and after I really wouldnt remember much. But for this, I got a red pen and I look for everything that pertains to me and as I do that, I find new things.
It might have rained over there, but it snowed some here and I got a little mountain sick. It wasnt too bad, but It hit me that in two months Im not going to see snow for 2 years. I hope you are praying that I dont die from the withdrawls.
I’m so glad that the family is doing good. Kayla and Eva, I already said this but I hope you keep playing basketball cause from the sound of the email you two are future stars. Ashton you keep doin your thing and micah, just go put your head in a toilet 🙂 just kiddin. Keep up with your reading or something till football cause there isnt any snow to go skiing.
Mom my favorite scripture would have to be Moroni 7:45-48 but if thats too long, just do the last 2 verses. I read this because we were learning about starting a lesson or something and we were asked to read it and it hit me pretty hard. I think that if we do everything we can to try and have this kind of charity and love, it will bring us closer to Christ and we will be more Christ like. While Im also on a spiritual note, I read Alma 5 the other day and I think that you should read it and really think about the message. It helped me so I might help you too. We also watched a rebroadcast of a talk Elder Bednar gave at the MTC Christmas Devo this last Christmas and It was incredible. I dont think you can watch it cause its for missionary eyes only 🙂 but He talked about the Character of Christ and about how we can become converted by turning out ward rather than doing what the natural man would do and turn inward. By serving others and focusing not on ourselves, that is when we recieve the blessings. We dont receive the blessing though when we do things for others, just to recieve blessing. does that make any sense? anyways it was good. I love you all and I hope you keep doing well. I love the packages you sent me and I love the picture you drew me kayla. and keep sendin me stuff cause I like getting stuff and I will talk to you next week.
Love, Elder Harley
P.S.- If you could look (or have ashton look cause he has a sense of style 😉 ) for a nicer watch online for me that would be great. I love the one Ashton gave me but the cover is made of plastic so its already all scratched up and I have a feeling it wont last long. Try to find a good deal on amazon or something that would be supperb. thanks
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