February 7th

Dear Mother

Was there enough for everyone? Yes there was plenty of bread! I loved it and the other elders were very grateful of it. If you send more, I will definitely have people to eat it
Monkey bread anyone?  Yes.
  Did you like the fruit?  I loved the fruit. I was so grateful for the mangos even though they are going to taste like garbage compared to the ones that I am going to get in Thailand. haha. but they were excellent now!
So how are things going?  Things are going a lot better, I figuring out the MTC and Im not as lost and confused. The language is pretty painful, especially trying to learn their alphabet which has over 50 characters. But its coming along and the more prayers the better. My district is so awesome. So is my zone. there is an Elder named Elder Simonson and he is the funniest person Ive ever met. Ill have to send pictures some time. I dont know how many though because I have to send either the card home or I have to send hard copies because you can’t send pictures over emails in the MTC. But I will do my best.
  How many districts going to Thailand are currently in the MTC? So here is what I know about the Thailand mission now. There is one stake in the country and the baptism rate has risen a lot so the mission president is trying to bump up the missionaries from 115 to 150. My group is the first big group that is coming in. The district before us had 4 elders and 1 sister, My group has two districts of 8. Its cool because It means we are the first group to really make an impact on the amount of missionaries in the field. Its quite sad though because the church has a temple spot in thailand and there are enough members to build one, but the people are not paying tithing and keeping covenants, so the church is not able to build yet. Hopefully in the near future we can see a temple there. Oh and Elder Wright who Amy knew is my Zone leader. He leaves at the end of this month. And I dont know who the other one is, he might of left already.
  Where is Elder Davies from? Elder Davies is from Draper UT and went to Alta high school. He knows some of the people I know.
Can you print off your emails? and yes I can print off emails.
Tell All the children that I sent a letter to each of them and they are going to be on there way today and Ill make Kaylas especially important :). Tell Eva to keep the letters coming because I love hearing from her and ill get a letter to her as well. Its So awesome that ashton is going to be driving soon but tell him not to kill himself. Thanks for all the support, I really need it. The first few days here were rough but I think I can handle it now.
Today I went to the temple and my whole zone helped out and we did the endowments for all of the names. we will do the sealings probably next week and then Ill just send them to you. or I could send them with sister berget if that would be safer?
Amy will probably get a kick out of this since she knows him but the other day Elder Wright (my zone leader) was trying to give himself a hair cut cause he didnt want to got to the barber. So he did the top and asked me to do the back. Long story short, I butchered it. It looked aweful! Luckily some of the other elders went to his rescue and fixed it up a bit but its still bad. haha. I thought it was hillarious. But now everyone knows not to ask me for a hair cut. lets see what else was funny. Oh Elder Simonson will try to fit anything in his mouth that you tell him to. Whether it be 2 whole chicken cordom bleus or however you spell it or a giant piece of cheesecake, he will do it, and most of the time he succeeds. Its impressive.
Well I better go. I love you all (especially Kayla and Eva). Im so grateful for all of you and I hope everything is well at home.
Elder Harley
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