First Letters from Jackson

Hi dad,
You were right this has been one of the hardest weeks of my life. I went from having one of the most comfortable lifestyles to a highly demanding work place, I guess you could say. The language is kicking my butt. I was pretty homesick the first few days and it was hard to find a reason why I should even stay here and if I could even do this. But at a fireside on sunday I ran into someone from my weights class from byu that I had never really talked to and he talked to be about my problems and gave me some of the best advice that I could have recieved. In short he told me that he had read a scripture that described us humans as being “the dust of the earth” and if we are the dust of the earth that means that we are nothing. Absolutely nothing. And it is only with the help of the Lord Jesus Christ that we will ever be able to do anything. He told me that once I realize that and humble myself before him, all I need to do is work as hard as I can and he will fill in the gaps. He then told me to read ether 12:27. (Im going to let you read it). This really helped me out and I have been on my knees more than ever and Ive come to that conclusion that I should just work as hard as I can and the rest will work out. But even still I can use all the help from you as possible.
Funny story, you will especially get a kick out of this one. There is an elder in my district named elder Kramer. and he looks just like Kramer from seinfield. haha.
I miss you so much and Im so happy to have spent my first 19 years with you. You did a great job! I cant wait to share some of the great experiences that are in store for me.
Love your son,
P.S. feel free to send me all the amazon pacages you want. Ive got a long time here.

Sawaddii Krab Mother,
I only have 30 minutes so you will have to send me some snail mail for all of you questions but Ill do my best. My companion is Elder Davies who went to Alta High school. Hes about 6’4 and played football and baseball. We get along well and he has a very strong testimony. As we were teaching an “investigator” yesterday, he had the impression to bear his testimony in english and it was so powerful. Even though it wasnt in Thai, the spirit was so strong in the room and I had the best feeling. I want to prepare myself so that I can have that same feeling with some real investigators.
The food is going to get old very fast I can already tell. but I try and eat as well as I can with what I am offered.
Im so happy for this opportunity but that doesnt mean that Im not missing all of you. I need all the support and prayers I can get as I try and get through this. Its tough stuff, tough stuff. Tell everyone that I love them and cant wait to tell them my experiences and hear theirs as well. Tell the children to send me letters cause it gets pretty lonely without all of them around me.
Mom I want to let you know that Im so happy to be your son. I love you with all my heart.
Love Jackson
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